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Company profile

Springstar Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1973 by the founders Gao Xianqiao and Gao Huang Suzhen, and started from the production of iron Nails. Springstar has undergone several transformations overtime. Up to now,Springstar has become a specialist in supplying spheroidized-annealed steel wire for various high-end fasteners and hand tools.

Springstar is continuously improving its steel wire processing capability. We are equipped with wire drawing machines capable of drawing a wire with diameter up to 50mm and a pickling &coating production line. At year 2000, we also purchased two sets of continuous roller hearth STC® spheroidized-annealed furnaces from Daido Steel, Japan. Furthermore, we have nearly 48,500㎡(4,850,000 dm²)of storage space, which can shorten the lead time and provide different storage needs for our customers.

With more than 40 years of experience, enthusiasm and integrity, Springstar aim to provide our customers a complete steel wire processing